National Agricultural Information System
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Good Practices
The Water Programme Approach in Promoting Good Agricultural Practices for the Use of Reclaimed Water   2011

Results of three years of intensive monitoring for selected farms irrigated with reclaimed water in the Jordan Valley, show that there is room for improvements with regard to irrigation, fertilization and occupational health practices. The GIZ Water Programme (WP) supported the Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) to establish new services to provide farmers with periodic information on irrigation water quality. 

In order to highlight the advantages of using reclaimed water, demonstration trials were conducted to assess the contribution of dissolved nutrients contained in reclaimed water in crop nutrition. The results proved that farmers could save up to 60% of fertilization costs. Consequently, comprehensive agronomic guidelines address aspects of irrigation; fertilization and occupational health were developed to serve as didactic materials for both extension workers and farmers. 

Various means were used to disseminate results of demonstrations trials and the content of guidelines among the target groups. In view of the varied levels of education among the target groups, the need arose to develop reliable tools, ranging from simple (posters) to complex (software) ones.