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Jordan: Encouraging Participatory Approaches   2012
The National Centre for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) – Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan recently established a new Participatory Extension Unit (PEU).

Farmer Field Schools (FFS) on IPM, implemented by the FAO Regional IPM Project (GTFS/REM/070/ITA) in the country showed the importance of participatory hands-on education, and working directly with farmers. Building on the success achieved, NCARE formalized the opening of the PEU to continue focusing on IPM/FFS approach, as well as to start working using participatory approaches in different fields.

The GTFS/REM/070/ITA Project continues to assist the new unit in training the local staff and farmers.

The creation of the PEU represents a commitment from local institutions to endorse participatory farmers’ training on IPM through FFS methodologies, sustaining and strengthening a capacity created with support of the project.

This is a way forward to institutionalize this approach and extend it among rural communities in order to improve the agricultural production of Jordan.