National Agricultural Information System
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Training Course on the involvement of women in the education field crops
From 10 April 2013 To 10 April 2013
National - Training
Cooperating OrganizationsFAO, NCARE

Regulates the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension Training Workshop in the involvement of women in the education field crops as part of a project of Education Participatory mixtures backed Nizh FAO and implemented by the National Center, and The workshop aims to increase the effectiveness of women's participation in the project and train the technical team of researchers and mentors in collaboration with the associations Various studies on the use in the development of the project in terms of increasing the number of farmers in the project and activate their role in the success of the project goals of obtaining wheat and barley varieties serve the goals of farm food processing or production and feed industries, hand and other within the challenges of climate change.  

According to Dr. Yahya Alchkaatra Director Directorate of crops, which opened the workshop on behalf of the Director-General of the National Center goes to great lengths to strengthen the presence of women in agricultural projects and for its leading role in the improvement and development of the agricultural sector in Jordan.

For its part, crossed the chancellor of Women's Affairs in participatory project Dr. Sindra dearly pleased to participate in the workshop because it represents an opportunity to communicate and deal with the Jordanian women working in the agricultural sector.

 Participatory project coordinator engineered Nawal pilgrims indicated that this workshop, which lasts for a week involving more than twenty farms and an agricultural engineer and mentor from various regions of the Kingdom.