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Environment Protection Law No. 1 of 2003.
17 December 2002

This Law is composed of 25 articles. Articles 1 and 2 deal with terms and definitions. Article 3 decrees that the Ministry of Environment shall be the competent reference at the national, regional, and international level, with regard all the environmental issues, and the donors, in cooperation and coordination with the bodies of competence. Article 4 defines competencies and duties of the Ministry of Environment. Article 6 pertains to the list of the prohibited substances to be imported in the Kingdom issued by the Council of Ministries. Article 7 authorizes competent employees to inspect the impact of activities of industrial, commercial, handicraft and the like. Article 9 provides for sea pollution by ships or the like as well as with offences and penalties. Article 10 prohibits plucking out of corals and shells. Article 12 deals with noise sources and maximum levels. Article 13 imposes upon firms, institutions, companies and the like to prepare studies of the environmental impact assessment for their projects and activities. Owners of factories, vehicles, work shops exercising activities which negative impacts on the environment, and emit environmental pollutants, shall install devices to prevent or minimize the dissemination of these pollutants, as well as to control solid molecules before their emission from factories or vehicles in the air (art. 17). The Council of Ministries shall issue the necessary Regulations for the implementation of this Law (art. 23). Environment Protection Law No. 12 of 1995 is now repealed.( art. 25).

Descriptors (Environment gen.): authorization/permit; EIA; environmental standards; hazardous substances; inspection; institution; marine pollution; marine pollution (ship-based sources); noise pollution; noise standards; offences/penalties; pollution control; residues