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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Laws and Agreements
Regulation No. 24 on the development of the Wadi Rum Area.
01 January 2001

This Regulation is composed of 12 articles. Articles 1 and 2 contain definitions and terms. Article 3 lists duties of the Authority of the Zone which are to: (1) develop the Wadi Rum Area by promoting tourism, improving basic services and creating work opportunities in the field of tourism, handicrafts, mountain climbing and desert guiding; (2) preserve the historical heritage, geological composition and unique natural landscapes of Wadi Rum; (3) preserve the wildlife; (4) relocate endangered wild species such as the Badan and Arabian gazelle; (5) preserve and protect the environment against pollution; (6) increase environmental awareness; and (7) exchange experiences and information with the relevant local and international bodies. Article 4 provides for the establishment of the Wadi Rum Area Committee to administrate and manage the Area. The Director of the Wadi Rum Area shall oversee the implementation of the attached Environmental Management Plan for the Area (art. 6). The following activities shall be prohibited in the aforementioned Area: (a) construction of new sites; (b) mining, stone crushing and stone quarries; (c) hunting, transferring or harming wildlife; (d) destroying or damaging geological places; (e) timbering or destroying plant-cover; (f) polluting soil, water or air resources; (g) introducing exotic and alien animals or plants; and (h) pasturing. The Board of Commissioners shall issue the necessary instructions and directives for the implementation of this Regulation (art. 12).

Descriptors (Wild species & ecosystems): protected area; alien species; birds; desert/oasis; ecosystem preservation; endangered species; hunting/capture; institution; management/conservation; monitoring; offences/penalties