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Hazardous Waste Management and Handling Regulation of 2000.
01 January 2000

This Regulation aims at environment pollution control by laying down requirements and conditions for hazardous waste management, storage, transportation, handling and treatment. The present Regulation is composed of 7 articles. Articles 1 and 2 deal with terms and definitions. Article 3 specifies the scope and field of application of the aforementioned Regulation. Articles 4 and 5 define special conditions and requirements for hazardous waste producers and transporters. Article 6 defines special conditions and requirements for dealing with empty refills and containers. Article 7 provides for special conditions and requirements for managers and owners of sites destined for storage and treatment of hazardous waste.

Descriptors (Waste & hazardous substances): hazardous waste; international trade; pollution control; transport/storage; waste disposal; waste management