National Agricultural Information System
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Laws and Agreements
Standardization and Metrology Law No. 22 of 2000.
01 January 2000

This Law is composed of 35 articles. Articles 1 and 2 deals with terms and definitions. Article 3 decrees the establishment of the Jordanian Standardization and Metrology Institution (JMSI) with a headquarters in Amman. Article 4 defines competencies and duties of the JSMI which are to: (a) adopt a national system for standardization and metrology based upon international practices; (b) keep pace with scientific developments in fields of standards, conformity assessment and laboratory accreditation activities; (c) protect the health and environment; and (d) ensure the quality of local products. Article 5 defines the following functions and powers in order to achieve its objectives: (a) preparing, approving, revising, amending and monitoring the implementation of standards and technical regulations with the exception of pharmaceutical products and medicines, veterinary medicines, serums and vaccines; (b) establishing a national system of measurement and supervising its implementation; (c) calibrating, controlling and supervising the implementation of measuring instruments; (d) approving the national measurement standards (etalons) and reference measurement standards necessary for calibrating measuring instruments; (e) controlling the quality of precious metals, stones and jewellery according to the legal fineness, and test the precious metals and jewellery and stamp them; (f) granting and issuing conformity certificates, including the Jordanian Quality Mark; (g) accrediting testing and calibration laboratories and certification bodies, based upon international practices; (h) utilizing local facilities of government bodies and scientific institutions in order to enable the Institution to achieve its objectives and carry out its functions and powers; (i) supporting and promoting studies and research in the fields relevant to standards, metrology, quality management and conformity assessment, as well as organizing training courses relevant to areas of concern to the Institution; (j) concluding agreements with Arab, foreign, regional and international organizations and bodies regarding the mutual recognition of certificates of conformity, including quality marks, certificates of laboratory accreditation and competence of the bodies granting such certificates; (k) cooperating and coordinating with, and become a member, where appropriate, of the Arab, foreign, regional and international organizations and bodies active in the fields of standardization, metrology, quality, conformity assessment and accreditation; (l) accepting and adopting, as appropriate, the standards, technical regulations, guides, recommendations or any other documents of other countries and of Arab, regional and international organizations, provided that they are issued in Arabic or English; (m) disseminating and selling the publications and other printed materials related to the approved standards and technical regulations issued by the Institution as well as by other Arab, regional, and international organizations or by other countries. Articles 6-9 deal with the management and internal Organization of the Institution. Articles 10-13 deal with the preparation, approval and application of the technical regulations and standards. Articles 14-22 provide for the conformity assessment with the standards and technical regulations. Articles 23-26 pertain to announcing standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures. Articles 26-29 refer to the Institution’s budget, incomes and revenues. Articles 30 and 31 contain procedures, sanctions, offences and penalties. Articles 32-35 contain concluding provisions.

Descriptors (Environment gen.): basic legislation; certification; environmental standards; institution; legal proceedings/administrative proceedings; monitoring; offences/penalties; pollution control; protection of habitats

Descriptors (Food): basic legislation; certification; dispute settlement; food quality control/food safety; hygiene/sanitary procedures; institution; offences/penalties; special fund; standards