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Regulation No. 43 of 1999 on management and circulation of harmful and hazardous materials.
01 January 1999

This Regulation is composed of 9 articles and 3 Tables. Articles 1 and 2 deal with terms and definitions. Article 3 provides for the establishment of the Technical Committee. Articles 4 and 5 refer to the management and internal organization of the Committee. Articles 6 and 7 specify competencies and duties of the Environment Protection Board. Article 8 prohibits the following activities: (a) introduction or importation of harmful and hazardous wastes; (b) dumping hazardous waste materials; and, (c) exportation of hazardous materials. Article 9 entrusts the Board to issue necessary instructions for the implementation of this Regulation such as the management and disposal of radioactive waste, management and disposal of hazardous medical waste, charges collected by public institutions for the protection of environment, and amendment of the tables annexed to this Regulation. Table I lists banned materials. Table II provides for the restricted materials. Table III contains harmful and hazardous waste which shall be controlled.

Descriptors (Waste & hazardous substances): hazardous substances; hazardous waste; institution; radioactive waste; waste disposal; waste management; environmental fees/charges