National Agricultural Information System
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
National drought mitigation strategy
Dates Starting Date 8/2005       Ending Date : 4/2007
Objectives The overall objective of this project is to provide assistance for the country to base its drought prevention, mitigation, preparedness and response measures on a consistent and coherent national drought plan. It is an FAO contribution to strengthen the short-, medium- and long - term drought management capacity in the country. A direct output of this assistance is to strengthen institutional capacity in drought early warning, drought monitoring and impacts assessment. The stakeholders of this project would refer to government institutions, non-government organizations, farmers, representatives of civil society and donors that play a key role in drought management.

Specifically the main objectives of this assistance are to:

Help the Government in formulating a comprehensive and integrated National Strategy & Action Plan on Drought Management and Mitigation for the Agricultural Sector;
Strengthen co-ordination mechanisms for drought response by various stakeholders;
Strengthen institutional capacity in drought early warning, preparedness and response to affected areas and people, especially for the more vulnerable and food insecure households;
Train staff in concerned institutions on the drought management, preparedness and mitigation issues.
Participated Researchers Principal Investigator
Cooperating and Funds Funded
Project Type National - Research